FAQs – Studying Online

Which software do you use for online classes?  Where can I download it from?

We use Skype.  It can be downloaded for free from www.skype.com

How do I know what time it is in Cairo?

You can use this link to see what time it is in Cairo in relation to your city.  World Clock Meeting Planner

How are tests conducted for online students?

All students will receive their exams via Skype. The student will have his camera on and complete the exam in front of the teacher.
Students studying Two on One and Group studies must sit for exams at the same time. NO talking or whispering will be allowed during the exam. In case of sickness or emergency, please contact the institute in order to reschedule your exams. The rescheduled exam will be completely different from the original one given.

When do I pay my tuition fees?

Tuition fees for the entire level (50 hours) are due before the beginning of each level.

How do I pay my fees?

Students must first contact the institute in order to reserve their schedules. Students located outside of Egypt can pay their tuition fee using Western Union. Please inform the institute before sending a payment in order to receive the name and information of the receiver.