Intensive Summer Program

Egypt’s beautiful location at the crossroads of the Middle East, Asia, and Europe make it the perfect starting point for exploring the world of Arabs, their culture, and of course the richness in their beautiful language.


Summer 2016

2 Months Summer Program

July 10th Summer Program 1 begins
August 4th Summer Program 1 ends
August 7th Summer Program 2 begins
September 1st Summer Program 2 ends


Early Registration


We advise all students that are interested in the Intensive Summer Program to  please register, as soon as possible, in order to reserve your seats. Please utilize online registration in order to accelerate processing.


Summer Study Load


2 months of intensive summer program begins on July 10th to September 1st.  The course load is 5 hours of intensive studies a day for 5 days a week coming to 200 total hours. ($650)
1 month (Group 1) classes begin on July 10th and end on August 4th. The course load includes is 5 hours a day, 5 days a week for a 100 total hours. ($350)
1 month (Group 2) Classes begin on August 4th and end on September 1st. The course load includes is 5 hours a day, 5 days a week for a 100 total hours. ($350)


Summer Tuition Fees


2 Months of intensive summer program:  $650 USD
1 Month (Group 1) of intensive summer program: $350 USD
1 Month (Group 2) of intensive summer program: $350 USD


Summer Deposit Fees


IIC Arabic & Qur’an policy requires that at least half of the tuition is received no later than 1 month prior to the beginning date. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail to make payment arrangements.


Summer Administrative Fees

Registration fees: US $10
Certificate Fee: US $10
Book Fee: US $ 20




IIC Arabic & Qur’an annual trip around Cairo is only available for the Summer Program only. However we will be happy to assist anyone interested in traveling to other tourist areas such Sharm- El Shaikh, Alexandria, Luxor, etc. find a very reasonable tourist agency.