Refund Policy

Refund Policy for Onsite Group Classes:


  •    IIC Arabic & Qur’an’s management totally respects all students rights to refund. 100% tuition will be refunded before the first day of class. After the the first day, the Institute has the right to deduct what ever days and time the student has studied or utilized from his/ her time, plus  10% of the tuition. The remaining amount will be refunded.
    • For example: A student paid $120 for one Group Course level (One Month = 22 days of studies) and requested a refund after studying 2 days.  We will deduct $11 for the 2 days studied plus $12 (10% of $120) for administrative service charge and refund the student $97.



Refund Policy for Onsite Private Classes: 


  • Same as the Onsite Group Refund Policy without the 10% administrative service charge.


Refund Policy for Online Classes:


  • Same as the Onsite Refund Policy without the 10% administrative service charge.