Onsite Classes

IIC Arabic & Quran offers 5  types of Arabic Language programs, regular program, summer intensive program, private program, University .groups program, and customized program

Regular Program

IIC Arabic & Quran regular class program is made up of 12 levels. Each level Consists of 55 hours, 1 month per level. Classes meet daily except for Fridays & Saturdays and official holidays. 2.5 hours a day 15mins-brake time included. Each level cost U$120, or its equivalent in Egyptian Pound

Private Program

IIC Arabic & Quran private program is very suitable for those individuals who wish to study intensively and accelerate their program. In such a case, a student studies alone with a teacher for 5 hour a day, 5 days a week, 66 hours, 2 weeks per level. Each level cost U$350 or it’s equivalent in Egyptian pound. The private program is also possible for 2 students for additional U$150, that’s U$250 per student, total of U$500.

University Groups Program

University groups or any other groups willing to study together or have their programs customized can easily do so. CIALS official book for lecturing the Modern Standard Arabic is Al-Kitabul Al- assassii, but if any other books are preferred, we’ll be glad to meet these requests. In addition to tailoring your programs as you desire, CIALS will also give a 10% discount for group programs. Please contact us for further questions you may have about the group program.

Customized Program

IIC Arabic & Quran customized program is very similar to the private program. The only difference is that the customized program is tailored according to student’s preference, which may include other books, different methodology including lessons in Egyptian colloquial Arabic. Each level cost U$350 per student, or U$500 for 2 students. Groups or organizations interested in this program should please contact our office for further discount details.

Classrooms Arrangement

Classroom sizes are normally between 3 to 10 students per class, and not more than 12. Male teachers teach male students, while female teachers teach female students