Student Testimonials

Umm Zahra, U.S.A.

      Studying with IIC Arabic & Qur’an has been a wonderful opportunity for me to learn the Arabic language from the comfort of my home, without any need to travel overseas. For stay-at-home mothers like myself, IIC Arabic & Qur’an was able to accommodate me and my busy lifestyle by providing me instruction in the Arabic language in the fields of Grammar (Nahw), Sarf (Morphology), Rhetoric (Balaghah), and much more. Other programs I have tried covered only until the 3rd or 4th level out of the 12 Levels that IIC Arabic & Qur’an teaches. I found that the instruction provided online was very close to what is provided to students who attend the Institute in person. Instruction is only in Arabic and this has helped me tremendously in speaking fluently in Arabic. It is a complete, thorough, and invigorating study of the language I highly recommend for anyone who does not have the means to travel, but has basic internet access. A student becomes fluent in reading, writing, speaking and comprehension. It’s a golden opportunity for those who are sincere about learning the language that Allah (swt) has chosen to carry His great words.


Umm Ibraaheem, Australia

     We tried various programs to help my 7 year old daughter learn Arabic in the past, but saw real progress in her learning only once we enrolled her with the IIC Arabic & Qur’an online course. My daughter has learnt so much and benefited in so many ways in the short period of time that she has been in the course. I am very happy with the detailed, structured, and thorough approach they take in their teaching, and am especially impressed with their unique “Arabic only” policy, which gives real opportunities for interaction using the target language and forces the student to practise their speaking skills- leading to quick acquisition. I am grateful to the institute for the wonderful opportunity they offer, and highly recommend the course to anyone who is interested in learning the Arabic language.


Umm Ibrahim

May Allah grant your organisation great success.



Sister Khadijah, France

    ” I’m Khadija from France and I wanted to learn arabic in a serious institute, in Egypt, in a islamic area. That what I really found there.

I spent three months in the Cairo Institute, learning arabic language with a good teacher. We were only 10 students in the class, that made us progress quiclkly. And I wish have spent more longer but I couldn’t.

During this experience, I have met a lot of sister from different countries, and I really enjoy that !

Now I can speak and understand arabic, wal hamdouliLah “



Sister Halima, France
“Le centre d’apprentissage de la langue arabe est serieux et fiable. Professeurs sont motivants et encourageants. Ouverts à toute les nationalités, on ne s’y sent pas du tout perdu.”



Beata Slovak
السلام عليكم يا أستاذ


طبعا أساعدكم


   After two months long summer intensive course at the Institute I joined people studying Arabic language for three years. It was intensive, difficult and above all worthy experience. The teacher motivated me, she was strict and made me study hard for which I am very grateful. In my country when you pay a private course you are treated as a customer and you are not forced to succeed. However my Egyptian teacher wanted to get the best out of me and treated me as a disciple or her own child. Moreover, the employees were helpful and the institute was willing to assist in matters out of the study issues, e.g. accommodation or trips.