Tuition Fee


Classical Arabic Language

Colloquial Arabic Language (‘Ammiyyah)

Classical Arabic Teachers Training Course 



Start learning the most comprehensive and complete Classical Arabic Language Program in Cairo, Egypt for a very low cost of  $105 per level. There are 12 levels in the program and each level consists of 66 Hours.


Group Course: 


Number of Students: 4 to 6 Students:  $120 each
Number of Students: 8 to 15 Students:  $60 each 


Private Course:


One on One Private: $350 each
One on Two Private: $250 each.
One on Three Private: $200 each


Please submit a registration form to start learning Arabic and / or Qur’an with us. Once we have setup a schedule, you can pay your tuition fee. Please note that students must pay the tuition for a full level before the beginning of that level.


Qur’an Classes


Group Onsite Course: 


Group 1: 6 Hours a Day – 600 L.E.
Group 2: 5 Hours a Day – 550 L.E.
Group 3: 4 Hours a Day – 500 L.E.
Group 4: 3 Hours a Day – 400 L.E.
Group 5: 2 Hours a Day – 300L.E.


Private Onsite Course: 


40 L.E. Per Hour